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Minto celebrates completion of Ontario’s first Net Zero Energy Townhomes

Tuesday, September 13th 2016 10:39:20am


Location: Minto Net Zero Energy Townhomes, 186 Calvington Avenue, Kanata, ON

When:Thursday, September 22, 2016 at 10:30 am

What:Minto Communities celebrates the completion of four Net Zero Energy (NZE) townhomes it has built in Kanata, Ontario.

Media and guests are invited to tour the homes and learn about the various energy efficient features.

These NZE Executive Townhomes, built in Minto’s Kanata community Arcadia, have a projected 65 per cent reduction in total home energy consumption. The four townhomes compliment The Killarney Net Zero Home at Arcadia, which is nominated for the 2016 Award of Distinction for the ‘most outstanding production built home’ by the Ontario Home Builders’ Association.

The homes were developed as part of NRCan’s ecoEII national pilot project. The homes are all designed to deliver NZE performance, meaning that they have the ability to generate as much energy as a family would consume over a year.

Who (photo/interview opportunity):

Kevin Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Home Builders’ Association

Susan Murphy, Vice President, Land Development, Minto Communities Canada

For media inquiries please contact:

Emma Osgoode

Brand Manager, The Minto Group


T 613.782.2279

About Minto

The Minto Group is a family-owned, fully integrated home builder, construction and property management company with operations in Canada and Florida.

Since 1955, The Minto Group has created better places to live, work and play. It has built more than 80,000 new homes, manages more than 15,000 residential rental homes and apartments, and carries a commercial portfolio of more than 2.5 million square feet of office and retail space.

In addition to these holdings, The Minto Group owns and operates Canada's largest portfolio of executive furnished suites.