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Energy auditors applaud $400 million ecoENERGY extension, Coalition calls for four-year commitment to sustain industry

Monday, June 6th 2011 5:05:41pm

Media Release

VANCOUVER, BC - (June 6, 2011) - Supporters of the Save ecoENERGY Coalition applaud the Harper government's $400 million extension of the ecoENERGY Home Retrofit program, but say the one-year timeline is not enough to help the energy savings industry transition to self-sustainability.

"Home retrofit programs are great for the economy because they help families, businesses and trades people across the country," says Jeff Murdock, vice-president of Building Insight Technologies, a Save ecoENERGY Coalition supporter. "But the on-again, off-again nature of these programs creates unpredictable conditions that make it difficult for businesses to develop a long-term approach."

The Save ecoENERGY Coalition, a national group of energy saving organizations, has developed a three-step plan to help the energy savings industry achieve long-term self-sustainability.

The Coalition's plan calls for a four-year commitment to ecoENERGY, which, coupled with a new national EnerGuide rating system and home energy rating at time-of-sale, would allow the necessary time and stability for the industry to achieve self-sustainability.

"It should be easy for governments to make a four-year commitment to this program. The numbers show that ecoENERGY creates jobs, reduces the deficit, and helps the environment, all at the same time," says Murdock. "With ecoENERGY, families spend $10 for every $1 they receive in government incentives. This generates $2 in tax revenue for every $1 paid in homeowner grants."

A longer-term commitment to ecoENERGY would assure both economic and environmental sustainability for Canada and the energy savings industry. "We are optimistic that the Harper government will see the benefits of extending ecoENERGY for a full four years," says Murdock.


Jeff Murdock, vice-president, Building Insight Technologies Inc.
604-785-9109  |  jmurdock@buildinginsight.com

About Building Insight Technologies Inc.
Founded in 1997, Building Insight Technologies Inc. is a building science company with a team of 70 people. Based in Vancouver, it is licensed by Natural Resources Canada to provide certified ecoENERGY home energy assessments in Ontario and British Columbia. Its HomePerformance Energy Advisors conduct specialized tests and procedures to determine a home's air tightness, insulation levels, heating and cooling equipment efficiency. HomePerformance Energy Advisors are unbiased, independent experts certified by the Government of Canada. For more information see www.homeperformance.com

About the Save ecoENERGY Coalition
The Save ecoENERGY Coalition is a national group of industry associations, environmental organizations, small businesses, and others. Coalition supporters represent more than 1,600 manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, home renovation contractors and energy audit businesses across Canada. The Coalition formed in March, 2011, in response to the March 31, 2011 end of the ecoENERGY Retrofit-Homes program and related provincial home retrofit programs. A list of supporters and additional information can be found at www.saveecoenergy.ca