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BOMA Toronto's Conservation and Demand Management Program benefits from internationally trained talent

Thursday, August 12th 2010 2:40:31pm

BOMA Toronto's Conservation and Demand Management Program benefits from internationally trained talent

Latest hire found through Toronto and Region Conservation's Mentoring to Placement (M2P) for Environmental Professionals Program

(Toronto, August 12, 2010) The Building Owners and Managers Association of the Greater Toronto Area (BOMA Toronto) Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) Program has the Mentoring to Placement (M2P) for Environmental Professionals Program to thank for Nishat Afrin, its new Assistant Project Manager.

The BOMA CDM offices have been busy with incoming applications from those looking to take advantage of its incentive funding for energy conservation initiatives for building over 25,000 square feet in Toronto's 416 area code.  The Assistant Project Manager has been able to contribute to an increased response time for applicants by helping process and test applications for validity.

Led by Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA), the M2P Program is an Ontario bridge training program, funded by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.   The program is helping 40 internationally trained environmental professionals to obtain mentoring, training, and employment opportunities in their field.  

"We are very excited to partner with the BOMA CDM Program" said Yves Danteu, Program Coordinator, Volunteerism and Mentorship at TRCA.  

Marisa Iorfida-Sdao, Senior Project Manager, Volunteerism and Diversity at TRCA, continued. "Bridge training programs help highly skilled newcomers to obtain the local knowledge, practice and networks they need to secure employment in their profession.  We are pleased that organizations like BOMA Toronto are championing this diversity initiative by providing qualified professionals with work experience in their field."

BOMA CDM's partnership with the M2P Program comes at a time when a recent Toronto Board of Trade report (released June 10, 2010) calls into question the city's track record of immigrant integration into the workplace.  The report claims the City of Toronto is losing out on billions of dollars - a main reason being that immigrants, with qualified international training and experience, are finding it difficult getting hired in their areas of expertise.

"We were excited to work with the M2P Program from the outset and our experience with it has been extremely positive, benefitting all parties concerned," explains Bala Gnanam, Project Manager of the BOMA CDM Program.  "When you put energy conservation in a global context, we need people of diverse skills, experiences and perspectives in order to effectively take on the challenge.  This partnership offers that, and it provides highly skilled individuals the opportunity to develop skills in Ontario.  We are happy to be working with TRCA through its M2P program and play a small role in contributing to energy conservation in Ontario," added Gnanam.

"As a M2P program participant, I attended several workshops arranged by TRCA, which helped me to understand Canadian workplace culture and network in my professional field," added Afrin. "My placement with BOMA was possible due to the diligent effort and dedication of TRCA's M2P Program coordinators and BOMA's interest and willingness to hire internationally trained professionals. My experience with the BOMA CDM Program has been great in that it offers me the opportunity to apply my skills and help further my career."

For more information about BOMA Toronto's CDM Program, visit or email

For more information about Toronto and Region Conservation visit and the M2P Program, visit

For media inquiries please contact:

Rowena Calpito, Supervisor Media Management at (416) 661-6600 ext 5632 or

For more information, contact:

Bala Gnanam, at (416) 440-0101 or

The BOMA Toronto CDM Program has been contracted to deliver electricity conservation to the Ontario commercial real estate market as part of the Ontario Power Authority's larger plan to deliver 6300 megawatts of electricity reduction in Ontario from various sources. The available incentives capped at 40% of the eligible projects costs are designed to maximize owner and tenant participation by ensuring all 'process' and 'contractual' requirements are simple and the delivery of incentive payments quick.