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Interview Opportunity - Federal budget dollars flow for the ecoENERGY home retrofit program

Monday, March 8th 2010 10:05:16am

Interview Opportunity

Federal budget dollars flow for the ecoENERGY home retrofit program

GreenSaver, an environmental leader providing ecoENERGY assessments, is available to comment on what it means for Canadian home owners and the environment now that the Federal government has announced an additional $80 million for the ecoEnergy Retrofit  -- Homes Program.

They can comment on the following points:

• GreenSaver’s practical experience with ecoEnergy, based on over 40,000 energy audits completed
• Importance of energy efficiency and the ecoEnergy Retrofit – Homes Program
• How Canadian home owners can access the ecoEnergy Retrofit – Homes Program
• GreenSaver’s recognition of Federal government’s role in for encouraging energy efficiency
• How this program will continue to build a thriving green workforce

“GreenSaver recognizes the Federal government’s support for energy efficiency in Canadian homes is one of the most effective use of public stimulus funds. An energy efficient home is money saving, increases comfort and contributes to a better environment, while employing the local workforce. GreenSaver encourages all home owners do an energy audit, retrofit their homes and start saving money today.”

For more information, or to book an energy audit, please contact:

Tracy Chong, 416.203.3106 ext. 229 (office), 416.416.797.7210 (cell) or email tracy.chong(at)greensaver.org    

Tina Siegel, 416.972.7401 or email tsiegel(at)ecostrategy.ca                                      


is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to environmental energy efficiency. They have pioneered Ontario residential energy conservation for 25 years with economically viable and environmentally friendly solutions to help individuals and organizations with their energy need (www.greensaver.org).