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BOMA Toronto CDM Program announces two new energy conservation programs for commercial properties in the '416' area code

Tuesday, June 9th 2009 5:17:21pm

Media Release

Two new programs to help reduce energy consumption for commercial building owners and tenants

The BOMA Toronto CDM Program announces two new energy conservation programs for commercial properties in the '416' area code

(Toronto, June 10, 2009) The Building Owners and Managers Association of (BOMA) Toronto, on behalf of the Ontario Power Authority (OPA), manages and delivers an energy conservation incentive program for buildings (office, retail, industrial and hotels) - the BOMA Toronto Conservation Demand Management (CDM) Program. All buildings in the '416' telephone exchange area, and over 25,000 square feet, are eligible to apply. The initial program had offered only retrofit incentives to building owners. It has now expanded to provide incentives for tenants and channel partners.

BOMA Tenant Incentive Program (T.I.P.) allows tenants in a commercial/industrial property to apply for BOMA Toronto CDM incentives. Successful applicants must confirm to original CDM rules and protocols. T.I.P. will subsidize for electricity savings at a rate of $0.05 cents per kWh or $400 per kW for electricity saved, up to a maximum of 40% of the tenants' eligible capital costs.

The BOMA Energy Conservation Assessment Program (E.C.A.P.) is yet another evolution of the CDM Program, offering additional two incentives. The first incentive is to provide $3,000 to successful applicants to complete a standardized online Energy Conservation Assessment of a property. This assessment will allow the property owner to determine all the energy reducing opportunities within their real estate and their financial payback(s). The second incentive provide $2,500 for an assessment report and recommendation for action.

Successful applicants for the E.C.A.P. program will have a property greater than 25,000 square feet, and must have more than two retrofit requirements (excluding lighting related retrofits). A minimum of 438,000 kWh (50 kW) must be reduced after retrofits. E.C.A.P. is available for complete building assessments only, but may be combined with any other, non-OPA funded study incentive program offered in Toronto.

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For more information, contact:

R. Wayne Proulx, Director, CDM Program, 416-440-0101 or email

The BOMA Toronto CDM Program is designed to deliver to Ontario 150 megawatts of conservation before February 2010, as part of the OPA's larger plan to deliver 6300 megawatts of electricity reduction in Ontario from various sources. The available incentives, which are capped at 40% of the eligible projects costs, are for peak demand, consumption or cooling ton reduction, at a rate of $400 per kilowatt, $0.05 a kilowatt hour or $250 per ton (for geothermal space cooling systems), respectively. The Program is designed to maximize participation by the quick delivery of incentive payments and the avoidance of both 'process' and 'contractual' paralysis. To date, 331 projects have been approved.