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Interview Opportunity: Corporate Knights Magazine presents Doctor James Lovelock

Tuesday, May 19th 2009 10:30:17am

Attention: News/Environment/Business Reporters and Assignment Editors

Corporate Knights Magazine presents Dr. James Lovelock

(Toronto, Canada, May 19, 2009) Corporate Knights Magazine presents Dr. James Lovelock, founder of the Gaia Hypothesis, Fellow of the Royal Society and author of over 200 scientific papers, in Toronto on May 26, 2009.

The media is invited to interview Dr. Lovelock on May 25, 2009.

Dr. Lovelock has become increasingly apocalyptic in his planetary predictions.  As the climate warms and the carbon content of the atmosphere soars, Lovelock argues that a dire change in our environment is inevitable in the absence of a profound and immediate change in our energy future.

On May 26, Dr. Lovelock - arguably the world\'s foremost environmental scientist - will present the thesis of his latest book, The Vanishing Face of Gaia.  Following his presentation, Dr. Lovelock will take questions from the audience.

Topics that Dr. Lovelock will address during his presentation include:
• The irreversability of climate change
• The misguided nature of many \"green\" solutions
• Planetary stress will increase rapidly
• The need to transform world energy supply
• Geoengineering may be used to limit the impacts of climate change


Doors open at 7:30 am. Presentation begins at 8:30 am until 11 am


Glenn Gould Theatre, 250 Front St. W, Toronto


To schedule interviews with Dr. James Lovelock, contact:

Karen Kun, Publisher, 416-887-4709, karen@corporateknights.ca

About Corporate Knights: Founded in 2002, Corporate Knights Inc. is an independent Canadian-based media company focused on promoting and reinforcing sustainable development in Canada.