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Interview Opportunity: GreenSaver’s Affordable Solar Solution on display at Toronto’s Green Living Show

Friday, April 24th 2009 10:20:49am

Interview Opportunity
GreenSaver’s Affordable Solar Solution on display at Toronto’s Green Living Show


Vladan Veljovic, President and CEO of GreenSaver.

GreenSaver will be exhibiting its new solar hot water system at the Green Living Show in Toronto.  Drop by GreenSaver’s informative and fully staffed display to find out how this technology can help you save money while reducing your energy consumption.  

The Green Living Show takes place at the Direct Energy Centre in Exhibition Place, April 24th – 26th. GreenSaver will be located in Booth 2010.  


Mr. Veljovic will be available to speak on the following points:

• How does GreenSaver’s solar hot water system work?
• How is GreenSaver’s system installed?
• What are the economic and environmental benefits of solar heat?
• How can consumers take advantage of government grants and rebates when installing solar systems?

To request an interview with Mr. Veljovic, please contact:

Tina Siegel, Environmental Communication Options
416.805.7720 (on-site cell)
Email: tsiegel@ecostrategy.ca

is an independent non-profit corporation dedicated to environmental energy efficiency. They have pioneered Ontario residential energy conservation for 25 years with economically viable and environmentally friendly measures to help individuals and organizations with their energy needs.  In December 2008, GreenSaver partnered with the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors to offer Eco-ENERGY home audits across Ontario (www.greensaver.org).