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New poll shows Ontario’s Green Energy Act (Bill 150) is on the right track with home energy efficiency measurement

Thursday, April 23rd 2009 2:20:59pm

Media Release

New poll shows Ontario’s Green Energy Act (Bill 150) is on the right track with home energy efficiency measurement

A majority of Ontarians support mandatory home energy efficiency labeling and expect it to be common across North America soon says poll done this week

(Toronto, April 23, 2009) The Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance (CEEA) and NAIMA Canada (North American Insulation Manufacturers Association) today, released public opinion polling focused on Ontarians’ opinions and support for provisions of the Green Energy Act (Bill 150) on home energy audits and the related labeling.

A majority of Ontarians support mandatory home energy audits and labeling of homes.  Ken Elsey, President and CEO of CEEA stated, “CEEA commissioned Oraclepoll Research to conduct a survey of 600 randomly selected Ontario residents (interviewed by telephone – the margins of error is +/- 4% 19/20 times) earlier this week (April 20–22, 2009) to provide to the all-party Committee as they enter the final review period after having completed public hearings on Bill 150 last night.”

• When asked about their support or opposition to standardized home energy labeling more than six in ten respondents or 62% stated that they support the measure, while less than three in ten or 29% oppose it. 9% did not know.

Elsey went on to say, “CEEA closely monitors energy efficiency trends, public opinions and government policy both here in Ontario and across Canada.  We understand the attitudes of Ontario consumers on energy and conservation matters.  The Green Energy Act and the progressive measures provided to consumers in the energy efficiency area is yet more demonstration of the leadership already shown by Ontario. We recognized their previous achievements by giving them an “A” in our last National Report Card.  Ontario is doing what is right for Ontarians.”

Mr. Elsey noted that the home energy audit and labeling provisions found in Bill 150 had an earlier audition in this Legislative session, and received all-party support when introduced by Phil McNeely, MPP for Ottawa-Orléans.  His Private Member’s Bill 101 introduced the concept to calculate the Energy Efficiency of a home at time of sale, with the intent that consumers better understand the operating costs associated with their new purchase – “the second price tag”.  

Steve Koch of NAIMA Canada observed, "To say Ontarians are unwilling to support audits and labeling is to underestimate their intelligence on energy conservation matters.  This Poll and others, again indicate that Ontarians are aware of energy conservation issues as it relates to their homes. They want the tools and are interested in being fully informed about the real cost of operating their home from a heating and cooling perspective. People see the value; over 75% have indicated a rating label for disclosure to be useful in the purchase of a home.”

Mr. Koch went on to say, “Not only are Ontarians aware of the value of home energy audits, over 140,000 have been done in the last eighteen months and these audits are reaping a large amount of rebates to homeowners completing the suggested upgrades. The Poll indicates that Ontarians expect mandatory labeling to soon become common in many North American jurisdictions. Ontario citizens are clearly progressive in their understanding of home energy efficiency issues. For the Ontario government it would be a simple but important step to lead the way while demonstrating North American wide leadership and adopt mandatory home labeling. “

Mr. Elsey concluded by saying, “CEAA and NAIMA Canada fully support the mandatory home energy labeling and related auditing proposed in the Act. I would be shocked if the Bill 150 Committee members did not recognize the value of audits and labeling to Ontario homeowners and provide full support for these components of the Bill.”

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The Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance (CEEA), a broad-based, not-for-profit organization, was established (1995) to respond to the lack of a coordinated multi-stakeholder effort to promote energy efficiency in Canada, leading to enhanced competitiveness and improved environmental protection. The Alliance works in partnership with manufacturers, utilities, governments, builders, labour, consumer groups, and environmental organizations to facilitate the adoption of energy efficiency measures in Canada. The Alliance is supported through fees and project contributions from members.

NAIMA Canada is the association for North American manufacturers of fibre glass, rock wool, and slag wool insulation products doing business in Canada.  Its role is to promote energy efficiency and environmental preservation through the use of fibre glass, rock wool, and slag wool insulation, and to encourage the safe production and use of these materials. NAIMA Canada is a sister organization to the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA).