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Simon Fraser University shows off eco-friendly, energy efficient RuudLED lighting system

Wednesday, November 5th 2008 1:59:14pm

Media Advisory
Attn: News/Community/Energy/Environment Reporters and Assignment Editors

RuudLED lights up Simon Fraser University
Campus shows off eco-friendly, energy efficient lighting system

(Vancouver, BC) - Simon Fraser University (SFU) staff will meet with representatives from RUUD Lighting tonight for a tour of the university's energy efficient light installation.  The tour will include a viewing of the new fixtures, information on LED technology, and a demonstration of the difference between LED and traditional lighting.  

Approximately twenty-five pole mounted, mercury-free RuudLED THE EDGE™ lights have been installed on the campus to replace older, high-pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures, with more to come.  LEDs use half the energy of traditional bulbs and, over a 12 year life, each light is expected to save roughly $200 in energy costs.  Another $700 will be saved in replacement fees.  SFU is among the very first universities in BC to use LED lighting.  


Site assessment and tour of SFU's LED lighting installation.


Simon Fraser University - Applied Sciences Building


• From the main entrance to the SFU campus at Gagliardi Way and Burnaby Mountain Parkway, go north on Gagliardi Way.  
• Follow Gagliardi Way until you see South Campus Road on the right.
• Turn left onto Science Road.
• Take the next right, also onto Science Road.
• Follow Science Road.  The Applied Sciences Building is the last building on the left.  Parking is available.

A map is available online at:


7:00 pm on Wednesday November 5, 2008


Shirley Coyle, General Manager, Ruud Lighting Canada
Peter Conron, BC Representative, K.M. Roberts Associates
Candace Bonfield, Sustainability Co-ordinator, Simon Fraser University
Dana Sundmark, Sustainability Committee Member, Simon Fraser University

For more information, please contact:
Dana Sundmark, Sustainability Committee Member, Simon Fraser University at 778.782.4083

For directions to the Applied Sciences Building, please contact:
Candace Bonfield, Sustainability Co-ordinator, Simon Fraser University at 778-782-4704

About Ruud Lighting

Ruud Lighting has been established in Canada since 1991. Our focus is on providing high quality lighting solutions, at a good value, with exceptional service. RuudLED is dedicated to leading the design and application of LED technology for general illumination.  Our network of professional lighting agents across Canada work within their local communities, assisting specifiers and supporting lighting suppliers. Our products are sold only through authorized electrical and lighting distributors.  In the US, THE EDGE™ and LEDway™ products are sold under the BetaLED brand.  For additional exterior LED luminaire information, visit