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Aylmer to receive commendation for performance in Blackout Challenge

Monday, November 3rd 2008 2:22:51pm

Media Advisory
Attention News/City/Energy Reporters and Assignment Editors

Aylmer to receive commendation for performance in Blackout Challenge

(Aylmer, Ontario)  Peter Love, Ontario's Chief Energy Conservation Officer will present a Certificate of Recognition to the Municipality of Aylmer for its performance in the 2008 Black out Challenge (August 14, 2008).

Mayor Habkirk will accept the plaque, on behalf of Council, from Peter Love at a ceremony at the Council Chambers.  

Aylmer was the community with the largest single percentage reduction (4.8%) in energy consumption of any of the 38 competing municipalities. The Blackout Challenge was initiated by Mayor Harding of Woodstock.

7:00 pm, November 3, 2008

Aylmer Municipal Council Chambers, 46 Talbot St. West, Aylmer

Peter Love, Ontario's Chief Energy Conservation Officer
Mayor Bob Habkirk and Council

For more information, contact:
Don Huff, Environmental Communication Options, 416-805-7720

Ontario's Chief Energy Conservation Officer, Peter Love

Peter Love was appointed Ontario's first Chief Energy Conservation Officer in April 2005 to head the Conservation Bureau, a division of the Ontario Power Authority.

The mandate of the Conservation Bureau is to provide leadership in electricity conservation and demand management and advance a conservation culture in Ontario.

Responsibilities of the Chief Energy Conservation Officer of Ontario

Government of Ontario Legislation requires that the CECO assume leadership for:

• Advising on relevant government policy and targets for conservation
• Educating and promoting energy conservation to all Ontarians
• Measuring and tracking energy conservation performance and the level of energy conservation mentality among the public