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Results of second all-Canadian Cleantech Index announced

Tuesday, October 28th 2008 9:32:13am

Media Release
Attn: News/Business/National/Energy Reporters and Assignment Editors

Results of second all-Canadian Cleantech Index announced

Cleantech 10 ™ list pinpoints the top publicly traded Cleantech companies in Canada

TORONTO, October 28, 2008  - The second-annual Corporate Knights Cleantech 10™ was released today. The Cleantech 10 and Next 10 Cleantech represent Canada's best publicly held companies in the Cleantech realm, and span a range of sectors from metal purification to smart grids to geothermal systems.

The Corporate Knights Cleantech 10™ was compiled by Corporate Knights Inc. and Cleantech Indices LLC, the leading provider of Cleantech Indices and information globally. The Cleantech 10 outperformed the S&P/TSX Small Cap Index by over 7 per cent this year (using an unweighted average of the Cleantech 10's YTD returns).

CK Cleantech 10                       HQ City

5N Plus                                    Montreal, QC
BioteQ                                     Vancouver, BC
Canadian Hydro Developers       Calgary, AB
Carmanah                                Victoria, BC
Day4Energy                             Burnaby, BC
RuggedCom                             Woodbridge, ON
Timminco Ltd.                          Toronto, ON
Westport Innovations                Vancouver, BC
WFI                                         Fort Wayne, IN
Xantrex                                    Burnaby, BC

Source: Corporate Knights Inc. and Cleantech Indices, LLC

How was Corporate Knights Cleantech 10™ determined?

We sought out technology-driven growth companies that have big impacts on resource efficiency and the environment-not simply those re-branding themselves as 'green'. A set of 18 screening criteria were applied to all TSX companies that Cleantech Indices, LLC use for their broad Cleantech Index. Since Canada has far fewer Cleantech stocks and they tend to be younger and smaller, those criteria were not as strictly applied. A heavy emphasis was placed on purity (percentage of revenues or income from Cleantech business, and whether or not it's really 'clean') and quality (strategy, management, financial strength, sector leadership). Other key criteria included growth, earnings, liquidity, capitalization, technology/intellectual property, overall impact, etc.

For further information: see www.corporateknights.ca/cleantech.

To schedule interviews with Melissa Shin, Managing Editor of Corporate Knights, contact:
Don Huff, Environmental Communication Options, at 416-972-7404, 416-805-7720 (cell) or huffd(at)huffstrategy.com.

About Corporate Knights

Founded in 2002, Corporate Knights Inc. is an independent Canadian-based media company focused on prompting and reinforcing sustainable development in Canada.