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Ontario, Canada

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Ontario gets an 'A' - Interview Opportunity with Ontario's Chief Energy Conservation Officer

Tuesday, August 12th 2008 2:59:56pm

Interview Opportunity - News / Assignment / Energy and Conservation Editors and Reporters

Ontario receives an "A" from the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance

Peter Love, Chief Energy Conservation Officer of Ontario

Ontario's Chief Energy Conservation Officer Peter Love is available to comment on Ontario receiving an "A" for the first time since the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance began to issue report cards


The CEEA report card was released earlier today (August 12, 2008) in Ottawa.  The report card ranks the energy efficiency performance of each province, territory and the federal government

Ontario receives an "A", its first since reporting began in 1999

Peter Love can speak to:

Why Ontario received the "A" grade
What Ontario would have to do, to get an A+?
How does Ontario rank with respect to other jurisdictions in Canada?

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Don Huff, e|c|o, (416) 972-7401, Cell 416-805-7720 or huffd(at)huffstrategy.com


Ontario's Chief Energy Conservation Officer, Peter Love

Peter Love was appointed Ontario's first Chief Energy Conservation Officer in April 2005 to head the Conservation Bureau, a division of the Ontario Power Authority.

The mandate of the Conservation Bureau is to provide leadership in electricity conservation and demand management and advance a conservation culture in Ontario.

No stranger to the concept of a "cultural shift" in the Province, early in his career Mr. Love worked as a project coordinator for Pollution Probe with the team that developed the concept "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle".

Mr. Love received both his MBA and BA from the University of Toronto.

Responsibilities of the Chief Energy Conservation Officer of Ontario

Government of Ontario Legislation requires that the CECO assume leadership for:

Advising on relevant government policy and targets for conservation

Educating and promoting energy conservation to all Ontarians

Measuring and tracking energy conservation performance and the level of energy conservation mentality among the public