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Green$aver teams up with WISE to provide affordable solar water heating solutions

Wednesday, June 11th 2008 10:01:54am

A WISE move for Toronto residents

Green$aver teams up with WISE to provide affordable solar water heating solutions

(Toronto, Ontario, June 11, 2008) Green$aver, Ontario’s largest non-profit organization dedicated to advancing environmental energy efficiency, has been awarded the contract for project management and implementation of a solar water heating initiative by WISE—West Toronto Initiative for Solar Energy. The program is available to residents in the area (NW of Bathurst and St Clair) that is coincident with City of Toronto Ward 21 (Councillor Joe Mihevic).  

Last year, motivated local residents began to explore various energy efficient technology options that would allow them to make a positive contribution towards the environment and climate change. Many of these homeowners already conducted energy assessments and preformed upgrades to their homes. For many, the next step was to install cost efficient solar hot water systems.

An extensive Request For Proposal process conducted by WISE was completed, and Globe Solar Energy (GSE), a solar hot water system manufacturer was selected. The GSE solar hot water unit is designed to meet Canadian weather conditions and CSA standards.  Known as the IP-195 model it is an approved solar hot water collector for the Natural Resources Canada EcoENERGY program and has been tested extensively at the Canadian National Solar Test Facility.

In addition to selecting the proper equipment, WISE also selected Green$aver as the Project Manager. With the experience of over 30,000 home energy audits and extensive expertise in energy efficiency retrofits, Green$aver was uniquely positioned to be the WISE solar hot water programs delivery agent.

The Green$aver WISE community solar package will cost $2,950 plus taxes installed, which is a significant reduction in cost over other systems. It includes:

• A solar audit to determine feasibility, optimal system location, and energy savings;
• The installation of a GSE IP-195 Integral Pressurized Solar Water Heater using evacuated tube technology;
• A thermostatic controller for the anti-freezing heat tape;
• A 5 year warranty on technology, 1 year warranty on installation;
• A City of Toronto Building Permit—including drawings and submission of Building Permit documents and meeting with City inspector;
• A verification audit and submission of applications for Government incentives;
• A homeowners manual and training session;
• A $40 credit towards the solar package if the initial ecoENERGY assessment is booked with Green$aver

“It was critically important to WISE that the solar hot water units chosen were not only one of the most efficient, but also at a price point that makes solar accessible to our community,” said Ken Traynor, Project Coordinator, WISE. He went on to say, “We are equally excited to have engaged Green$aver as a natural partner to manage the complex process of solar auditing and installation. Green$aver’s experience in home energy assessments and retrofits will ensure that the units are installed as rapidly as possible.”

Benefits associated with the solar hot water heater installation for a home currently using a gas hot water heater include:

• Can meet 80% of one person’s hot water needs or 40% of a family of three (based on RETSREEN analysis using the technical results from National Solar Lab report);
• Reduces your use of natural gas to water heating;
• Contributes to a healthier environment by reducing emissions;
• $1,000 in rebates available for residential applications;
• Can be used year round, with no maintenance;
• Has an exceptional financing rate through the Alterna Green$aver Improvement Loan

The West Toronto Initiative for Solar Energy (WISE) is a community-led renewable energy project to organize the bulk purchase of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems (to produce electricity) and Solar Hot Water (SHW) systems by residents of West Toronto. In 2007, we had 46 systems installed and another 40 scheduled for installation beginning in spring/08. The project demystifies solar technology and simplifies product research and the purchase decision. We create the opportunity for participants to decrease their personal environmental footprint while contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Toronto.

is Ontario’s largest non-profit organization dedicated to environmental energy efficiency.  Green$aver pioneered residential energy conservation in Ontario over 25 years ago and has a successful history of performing both economically viable and environmentally friendly measures to help individuals and organizations with their energy needs.  Green$aver has helped over 35,000 households in the GTA improve their home comfort, lower their energy bills and increase the resale value of their homes, while improving the environment and the world we live in.

For more information, contact:

Ken Traynor
Project Coordinator
Tel: (416) 654-7362

Jonathan Laderoute
Tel: (416) 972-7404