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Ontario’s Chief Energy Conservation Officer Peter Love recognizes Menkes Property Management Services

Friday, March 28th 2008 2:08:56pm

Menkes News Release:
Friday, March 28, 2008

Ontario’s Chief Energy Conservation Officer Peter Love recognizes Menkes Property Management Services

Toronto office tower a leader in energy efficiency

Like many high-rise office towers across the province, the Menkes managed Procter and Gamble Building at 4711 Yonge Street celebrated Earth Hour today.  What made this particular celebration more special was that Ontario’s Chief Energy Conservation Officer (CECO), Peter Love, awarded Menkes Property Management Services Ltd. with his prestigious Certificate of Recognition for Energy Conservation for the Company’s continued commitment to creating a culture of Conservation in Ontario.

Menkes is very pleased to be the recipient of this great honour from the CECO,” said Peter Menkes, President, Commercial/Industrial of Menkes Developments. “As a fully-integrated commercial developer, builder and property manager, every aspect of our operations is carried out with environmental stewardship in mind, and we are proud to be recognized as an industry leader in energy conservation.”

Over the past several years 4711 Yonge Street has undergone major changes in its lighting and major mechanical and electrical equipment, saving up to 100,000 kilowatt-hours and $9,000.00 each month.  

“Property Managers have an enormous amount of influence over how their tenants use heat, light and air conditioning,” said Love.  “And Menkes has worked with its Tenants to create an office atmosphere that is comfortable and still saves energy and money.”

“Corporately driven and with strong tenant support, we have been able to carry out all of these energy-saving initiatives,” said Elena Muto, Property Manager at 4711 Yonge Street.  “The Provincial incentives offered have reduced the payback period making these environmental upgrades even more feasible; we all benefit from utility reductions”.

Menkes has a history of Energy and Environmental awareness, The Procter and Gamble Building is a two-time winner of BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) Service Excellence Award and the RCO (Recycling Council of Ontario) Ontario Waste Minimization - Silver Award - in recognition of excellence and commitment to a sustainable environment and most recently the BOMA Go Green Plus Award -  in recognition for achieving a high standard for environmental excellence in the management of the building.

Menkes’ ongoing and extensive energy initiatives incorporate a complete recycling program  including the recycling of fluorescent tubes, batteries, printer cartridges and an intensified cafeteria and tenant organics program which achieves an average monthly diversion rate of 80% plus.  Boilers, chiller retrofits and energy saving mechanical equipment upgrades, as well as the conversion of all 13 litre toilets to 6 litre toilets, have contributed to a significant reduction in their overall utility expense.

Menkes recognizes the importance of continuing its focus on compliance with environmental laws and regulations, reducing the environmental impact of their facilities and takes a leading roll in environmental stewardship to ensure a green and sustainable future.  

Menkes is committed to maintaining an effective environmental management system and the ongoing protection of human health and the environment.

For further information please contact Elena Muto at 416 491-2222 or by email at emuto@menkes.com